Cataclysm Australian Prices.

Despite the backlash I’m sure to receive posting on such a subject, it’s nearly that time for the release of the next World of Warcraft expansion: Cataclysm. This post isn’t so much about the game, but more-so about Australian gaming retailers and their insane prices of products. I’ll be helping you to save money when buying this expansion. First of all, here are your options, in no particular order:

If you’re buying from a game store, don’t think that you’re helping the local gaming shop (there’s not such thing anymore) because game is owned by the UK. They have an online ONLY price of $49.00. Prices will be more in-store, probably around the $58.00 mark. Next up we have ebgames. This time around, an American owned store. They’ve got the game listed on their site for $58.00. JB HI FI Another major retailer and once again, $58.00. You’d think with so many retailer they’d be a bit more competitive? Here’s where Blizzard and I save you money! First you need to understand, or accept, that you are paying for a game that you install and play, not a box that sits on your shelf gathering dust… If you’re looking for the box mainly, I’ll be glad to print out a cataclysm poster and paste it on some cardboard. If you’re in it for the actual game, this is the best price you’re going to find, and it comes directly from Blizzard. $39.99! Considering the US to AUD exchange rate at the moment, this is your cheapest option.Here is a link to displaying the current exchange for US$39.99 to AUD, but it’s around $40.50. This indicates to me that retailer believe that shipping from wherever the game is produced and a cardboard box is worth $18.00. I could make an epic box myself for $18.00! This $39.99 price is what Blizzard is offering as a digital download. People have also been worried that you won’t receive or obtain the cinematics for the expansion if you choose to go for the digital download, however blizzard has stated this as false. Here is a blue post(source) about it:

We’d like to take a moment to clarify how we’ll be delivering World of Warcraft: Cataclysm cinematics to players who purchase the expansion digitally through or download the installer from the web in the future.Prior to the December 7 launch of Cataclysm, all current World of Warcraft players will receive the Cataclysm intro cinematic as part of an upcoming patch. In addition, all other in-game cinematics (including previous ones such as the Wrathgate movie) will be available for download to players who have not previously installed them. These cinematics will be automatically downloaded in the background while you play the game, after other critical game data has been received.

So as you can see, before the expansion is even launched players will have the intro cinematic on their computers whether you get the digital download or not. This is more than likely to come with patch 4.0.3 which will be coming out before the release. Other in-game cinematics like wrathgate etc will be available to download. So in terms of cinematics, one has nothing to worry about. So unless you’re desperate for a nearly empty box to sit on your shelf, I’d go for the digital download. It cuts down on a number of things along with saving you money. Less discs created, less boxes created and less miles needed.

I like it on the…

This is the second time that I can remember that there has been a Facebook status update that has gone viral to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, if you’ve seen your friends update their status to something like “I like it on the couch” or “I like it on the bench” they are referring to their purse, nothing more. You may also remember women posting the colour of their bra back in January. The hope is that it raises awareness for Breast Cancer.

But I’m not sure how much good this actually does. Sure, I’m all for raising awareness for Breast Cancer, but I can’t help see the negatives in these kinds of campaigns. First, it leaves men in the dark as only women update their statuses, while men are left to wander in the gutter while they think women are talking about the deed. Men (or women) who may not know any better may comment on said statuses and could be embarrassed or put to shame. It can also create an illusion for those that do update their statuses as such, that they are actually doing some good for the cause, but if there is no follow up support for the cause, the cause becomes trivial.

Twitter users have also put their hand up to help raise awareness and are doing a much better job, adding pink ribbons from to their profile pictures with a tweet of something like “Support Breast Cancer Awareness – add a #twibbon to your avatar now!” – which I think is much more effective and sharing than the secretive messages on facebook. However, “i like facebook status” is the number 1 Google search trend for today, with “i like it on the couch”, “i like it on the kitchen table” and “i like it on the counter” and more appearing in the top 20, which tells me facebook users are more confused than aware.

The NFL are also getting into it wearing pink shoes, gloves, and chin-straps for games in the month of October…

So what do you think? Are these viral facebook and twitter campaigns worth it? Do they raise awareness? Does it make things trivial? Let me know in the comments below!

things export to text

Exporting todos from Things

Howdy once again peeps!

This is just a quick post as I noticed that after my recent brief review of Things by CultureCode, there were a couple of searches that brought people to my site, and specifically, those people were looking for “Things exporting todo items culturecode” – and I thought I pitch in and try and find these people a solution and oh how easy it is!

I’m going to assume that the searches were for an export from Things to something where you can print or save your todo items and send them somewhere. I’m just going to give you a quick demonstration via a couple images.

First, looking in your Things window, you should have your items that you want to export in front of you, and have them selected, like so:

things export

Next, open up your favourite text program, whether it be Pages, Word or even TextEdit and all you need do is drag and drop your selected ‘todos’ into the program, like so:

things export to textAnd now you can do whatever you’d like with your list, print, send, email, whatever! Clicking and Dragging isn’t limited to word processing programs either, you can copy straight into a new email.

things export image 3Well, that’s it for this post. I hope it helped you in some way and it once again shows you how great this program is for keeping lists!

Note: If this list is on you iPad or iPhone or iPod, sync it with your computer first and then you can do what you wish!